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Club Vistara SBI Credit Card, Rewards and Benefits, Joining Fees & amp; Charges, Apply Online

Club Vistara SBI Credit Card: The Club Vistara SBI Credit Card, a premier travel companion crafted in partnership with Air Vistara. With an annual fee of just ₹1,499, this mid-level travel credit card offers unparalleled benefits designed to elevate your journey. Enjoy complimentary domestic airport lounge visits and Priority Pass lounge access, alongside exclusive discounts on hotel bookings and car rentals.

Earn 3 Club Vistara (CV) Points for every ₹200 spent, extending across various categories including fuel and insurance premium payments. These CV Points can be redeemed for class upgrades on Air Vistara flights or towards ticket bookings, ensuring a seamless travel experience tailored to your preferences. Experience luxury, convenience, and rewards seamlessly intertwined with the Club Vistara SBI Credit Card. Apply now and embark on unforgettable adventures with SBI Card.

Fees Joining Fee-  Rs.  1,499 + GST
Renewal Fee- Rs.  1,499 + GST
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Reward Type Reward Points
Welcome Benefits
1 economy class air ticket e-voucher as a complimentary gift and Club Vistara Base membership

Rewards and Benefits

  • Rewards Program:- Earn 3 Club Vistara Points for every Rs. 200 spent, allowing you to accumulate points swiftly and effortlessly. With every transaction, inch closer to your next adventure and unlock a treasure trove of rewards.
  • Reward Redemption:- Redeem your accumulated Club Vistara Points for flights on Air Vistara and partner airlines, transforming your points into unforgettable travel experiences. Seamlessly transfer your points to your Club Vistara account and embark on a journey of discovery and exploration.
  • Travel Benefits:- Indulge in the luxury of complimentary domestic lounge access, offering you a serene retreat before your journey begins. Additionally, unlock the gateway to unparalleled travel experiences with complimentary Air Vistara tickets as milestone benefits, allowing you to explore the world with ease and sophistication.
  • International Lounge Access:- Enjoy the epitome of luxury with complimentary Priority Pass Membership, granting you access to a global network of prestigious airport lounges. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, immerse yourself in comfort and elegance at airports around the world.
  • Insurance Coverage:- Travel with peace of mind knowing that you are protected by comprehensive insurance benefits. From air accidents cover up to Rs. 50 lakhs to protection against loss of baggage and travel documents, embark on your adventures with confidence and security.
  • Zero Liability Protection:- Rest assured knowing that you are safeguarded against unauthorized transactions with zero liability cover up to Rs. 1 lakh. In the event of a lost card, report it to the bank within 48 hours to avail of this invaluable protection, ensuring your financial security at all times.

Fees & Charges

  • Spend Based Waiver:- Bid farewell to hidden charges and spend-based waivers. With straightforward terms, you can manage your finances with ease, knowing exactly what to expect without any surprises.
  • Rewards Redemption:- Enjoy the freedom of redeeming your rewards without any redemption fees. Whether you’re treating yourself to a well-deserved getaway or indulging in a shopping spree, your rewards are yours to enjoy, without any additional costs.
  • Foreign Currency Transactions:- Travel the world with confidence, knowing that you’ll only incur a minimal foreign currency markup of 3.5% on transactions. Whether you’re exploring exotic destinations or shopping abroad, your purchases remain affordable and accessible.
  • Competitive Interest Rates:- Benefit from competitive interest rates of just 3.50% per month (42% per annum), ensuring that you can manage your finances responsibly while pursuing your dreams.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver:- Enjoy the convenience of fueling up without the burden of additional charges. With a fuel surcharge waiver, you can save more on every journey, making every trip more rewarding.
  • Cash Advance Convenience:- Access cash when you need it with ease, knowing that cash advance charges are transparent and reasonable. With a nominal fee of 2.5% of the amount withdrawn (minimum charge of Rs 500/-), you can manage your finances efficiently, even in times of need.
  • Complimentary Add-On Card:- Share the benefits of your Club Vistara Credit Card with your loved ones without any additional fees. With a complimentary add-on card, you can extend the perks and privileges to your family members, making every experience more memorable.

Product Details

  • Dive into luxury and earn 1,000 Bonus Club Vistara Points when you spend Rs. 50,000 within the first 90 days, enhancing your rewards from the outset. Reach new heights of travel excellence with a Yatra E-voucher worth Rs. 5,000 upon annual spending of Rs. 5 lakh, adding value to your travel experiences year after year.
  • Earn rewards effortlessly as you spend, with 3 Club Vistara Points awarded for every Rs. 200 transacted, ensuring every purchase brings you closer to your next journey. Revel in the privilege of receiving complimentary economy class air tickets upon reaching annual spending milestones of Rs. 1.5 lakh, 2.5 lakh, and 5 lakh, allowing you to explore the world with ease.
  • Indulge in luxury and relaxation with 4 complimentary accesses to domestic lounges annually, providing a tranquil retreat amidst your travels. Plus, enjoy the convenience of complimentary membership to the prestigious Priority Pass lounge access program, granting you access to premium lounges worldwide.

Club Vistara SBI Card Welcome Benefits

Upon payment of the annual membership fee, enjoy the privilege of receiving an Air Vistara Economy Class ticket, setting the stage for memorable journeys ahead. It’s our way of welcoming you to a world of luxury travel and exceptional service.

Reward Points Galore

Earn 3 Club Vistara Points for every ₹200 spent across all categories, including fuel transactions. With every swipe, you’re not just making purchases – you’re earning points towards unforgettable adventures.

Flexible Reward Redemption

Redeem your Club Vistara Points for a variety of rewards, including class upgrades, award flights, or reservations through the Vistara Cash + Points program. With 1 Club Vistara Point equivalent to ₹0.20, your points open doors to a world of possibilities.

Exciting Milestone Benefits

Reach spending milestones and unlock a treasure trove of rewards. Earn 1000 Bonus Club Vistara Points when you spend ₹50,000 within the first ninety days of card setup, credited directly to your Club Vistara membership account. Plus, enjoy complimentary economy class air tickets and hotel e-gift vouchers from Yatra as you continue to explore and indulge.

Travel in Style

Experience the epitome of luxury with travel benefits designed to elevate your journey. Enjoy 4 complimentary access passes to domestic airport lounges annually, providing a serene oasis amidst your travels. Additionally, revel in the convenience of Priority Pass lounge access program membership, valid for 24 months, offering access to premium lounges worldwide.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance Category Insurance Amount
Air ticket cancellation (max 4/year) ₹3,500/cancellation
Air accident ₹50 lakhs
Delay of check-in baggage ₹7,500
Baggage damage ₹2,500
Loss of check-in baggage ₹72,000
Loss of travel documents ₹12,500
Lost card liability ₹1 lakh

Club Vistara SBI Credit Card Review

One of the standout features of the Club Vistara SBI Credit Card is its array of value-added travel benefits. From complimentary domestic lounge access to Priority Pass membership, travelers can enjoy access to premium amenities that enhance the overall travel experience. Moreover, the card extends discounts on car rentals, hotel bookings, and vacation programs, further amplifying its value proposition.

Rewarding Rewards Program

With a reward rate of 3 Club Vistara Points for every ₹200 spent, the card ensures that every transaction contributes towards earning valuable rewards. Whether you’re booking flights or making everyday purchases, the rewards add up quickly, allowing cardholders to redeem them for a variety of travel-related perks and privileges.

Comparison with Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card

When considering the Club Vistara SBI Credit Card, it’s essential to compare it with similar offerings in the market, such as the Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card. Both cards feature the same annual fee and offer comparable benefits, making it imperative for potential cardholders to weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a decision.

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