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HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card, Rewards and Benefits, Joining Fees & Charges, Apply Online

HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card: HDFC Bank’s groundbreaking UPI RuPay credit card A game-changer in Indian banking. This innovative card merges credit and UPI functionalities, offering unmatched convenience and security. Users can link their card to their UPI ID, enabling seamless transactions on popular apps like Paytm and Google Pay. With up to 3% cashback on select categories, this virtual card delivers rewards while reducing environmental impact. HDFC Bank leads the charge towards a digital banking future, empowering customers with speed, security, and convenience like never before.

The driving force behind this pioneering initiative is twofold: convenience and accessibility. By seamlessly integrating credit capabilities with UPI platforms, HDFC Bank empowers customers with unparalleled ease and flexibility in managing their finances. Whether it’s paying bills, shopping online, or transferring funds, the UPI RuPay credit card streamlines transactions with unparalleled efficiency and security.

Yet perhaps the most innovative aspect of this game-changing offering is its virtual nature. Eschewing the need for physical cards, HDFC’s UPI RuPay credit card epitomizes the future of banking: digital, dynamic, and decidedly convenient. By eliminating the hassle of physical delivery, HDFC not only reduces environmental footprint but also enhances the speed and accessibility of its services, catering to the fast-paced lifestyles of modern consumers.

In conclusion, HDFC Bank’s UPI RuPay credit card stands as a testament to innovation and customer-centricity in the banking industry. With its seamless integration of credit and UPI functionalities, robust security features, and enticing rewards program, it redefines the standards of convenience and accessibility in financial services. As India marches forward into an increasingly digital future, HDFC Bank leads the charge, empowering customers to embrace the limitless possibilities of digital banking with confidence and ease.

Fees Joining Fee- Rs. 99 + GST

Renewal Fee- Rs. 99 + GST

Best Suited For


Reward Type Reward Points
Welcome Benefits NA

Rewards and Benefits

  • Movie & Dining- Experience the ultimate in dining and entertainment with HDFC Bank’s latest offering – the UPI RuPay credit card. Delight in a 3% cashback on dining spends, making every meal a rewarding experience.
  • Rewards Rate- But that’s just the beginning. With a generous rewards rate, this virtual card redefines the art of saving. Earn 3% cashback on groceries, dining, and supermarket purchases, 2% cashback on utility spends, and 1% cashback on other transactions (excluding some categories).
  • Reward Redemption- Redeeming your rewards is a breeze. Cashpoints earned can be used to offset your card statement balance or indulge in hotel and flight bookings. Additionally, explore the Smartbuy rewards portal, where 1 Cashpoint equals Rs. 0.25, unlocking a world of possibilities.
  • Travel- NA
  • Golf- NA
  • Domestic Lounge Access- NA
  • International Lounge Access- NA
  • Insurance Benefits- NA
  • Zero Liability Protection- Beyond rewards, rest easy with our Zero Liability Protection. Cardholders are shielded from fraudulent transactions when reporting card loss or theft promptly.
  • Join us in embracing a new era of banking – one that marries convenience, rewards, and security seamlessly. Welcome to the future of finance with HDFC Bank’s UPI RuPay credit card.

Fees & Charges

  • Unlock the power of savings and convenience with HDFC Bank’s UPI RuPay credit card, where your spending earns you more than just rewards.
  • Spend Based Waiver- Enjoy the perk of having your renewal fee waived by simply spending Rs. 25,000 or more in the previous year. It’s our way of rewarding your loyalty and everyday purchases.
  • Rewards Redemption Fee- When it comes to redeeming your rewards, we keep it simple. With just a nominal fee of Rs. 99 plus taxes, you can access a world of redemption options through our Smartbuy rewards portal.
  • Foreign Currency Markup- Traveling abroad? No worries. Our foreign currency markup is just 3.5% of the transaction amount, ensuring you can shop and explore with peace of mind.
  • Interest Rates- And while you’re out and about, take advantage of our competitive interest rates of 3.6% per month or 43.2% per annum, keeping your finances manageable and predictable.
  • Fuel Surcharge- NA
  • Cash Advance Charges- Need cash on the go? Our cash advance charges are transparent and fair, set at 2.5% of the withdrawal amount or Rs. 500, whichever is higher.
  • Add-on Card Fee- Plus, with no add-on card fee, you can extend the benefits of your UPI RuPay credit card to your loved ones without any extra cost.
  • Experience the freedom of smart spending and seamless rewards with HDFC Bank’s UPI RuPay credit card. Join us in shaping the future of banking, one transaction at a time.

Product Details

  • Step into a world of unparalleled rewards and financial freedom with the HDFC Bank UPI RuPay credit card, where every spend brings you closer to unlocking a wealth of benefits.
  • Indulge in a rewarding journey with 3% Cashpoints on supermarket, dining, grocery, and PayZapp spends. Whether you’re stocking up on essentials or treating yourself to a culinary delight, your purchases are now your gateway to exclusive rewards.
  • But that’s not all – enjoy 2% Cashpoints on utility spends, ensuring that even your everyday bills contribute to your savings. And for all other spends, excluding select categories, earn 1% Cashpoints, adding value to every transaction.
  • With an interest-free credit period of up to 50 days, you have the flexibility to manage your finances without the burden of immediate repayment.
  • And here’s the cherry on top – bid farewell to renewal fees by simply spending Rs. 25,000 or more in the previous year. It’s our way of rewarding your loyalty and making sure you continue to enjoy the benefits of your card hassle-free.
  • Join us on this journey of smart spending and endless rewards with the HDFC Bank UPI RuPay credit card. Experience a new standard of banking that puts you first, every step of the way.

Introducing the HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card – a revolutionary offering that transforms the way you transact and rewards you for every purchase. Here’s a closer look at the features and benefits that set this card apart:

Virtual Convenience: Say goodbye to physical cards – the UPI RuPay credit card exists solely in the virtual realm. Seamlessly integrated into your HDFC Bank MyCards section, it’s always at your fingertips whenever you need it.

UPI Integration: Link your credit card effortlessly with popular UPI applications like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay. By simply using your credit card PIN to register on these apps, you unlock a world of convenience and rewards with every UPI transaction.

Rewarding Spends: Earn Cashpoints on both regular and UPI payments made with your card:

  • 3% Cashpoints on grocery, supermarket, dining, and PayZapp spends, capped at 500 Cashpoints per month.
  • 2% Cashpoints on utility spends, also capped at 500 Cashpoints per month.
  • 1% Cashpoints on all other spends, with the same monthly cap.

Reward Exclusions: Certain transactions are ineligible for Cashpoints, including fuel spends, rent payments, government transactions, and cash advances, among others.

Flexible Redemption: Redeem your Cashpoints in multiple ways:

  • Offset your card statement balance at a rate of 1 Cashpoint = Rs. 0.25, with a minimum redemption of Rs. 500 and a maximum of 50,000 Cashpoints per month.
  • Use Cashpoints for flight/hotel bookings or exchange them for gift vouchers or products at the Smartbuy rewards portal. You can redeem up to 50% of the value for bookings and 70% for products/vouchers, with a maximum of 50,000 Cashpoints per month in this category.

Renewal Fee Waiver: Spend Rs. 25,000 or more in the previous year and enjoy a waiver on your card renewal fee, rewarding your loyalty with continued benefits.

Interest-Free Period: Benefit from approximately 50 days of interest-free credit from the date of purchase, offering flexibility and peace of mind in managing your finances.

The HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card is not just a card – it’s a gateway to a world of convenience, rewards, and financial empowerment. Join us on this journey and experience banking redefined.

HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card – Fees and Charges

Discover the HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card – an innovative solution that bridges the gap between UPI transactions and traditional credit card benefits. Here’s a detailed look at the fees, benefits, and who would benefit most from this card:

Fees and Charges:

  • Joining and renewal fee: Rs. 99 plus taxes.
  • Interest rate: 3.6% per month, equivalent to 43.2% per annum.
  • Forex markup charge: 3.5% per transaction.
  • Cash withdrawal fee: 2.5% of the amount or Rs. 500, whichever is higher.

Who Should Apply for the UPI RuPay Credit Card?

Ideal for individuals who frequently engage in UPI transactions, the HDFC UPI RuPay Credit Card offers the convenience of UPI payments combined with the perks of a traditional credit card. Earn cashback on both UPI and regular transactions, making it a versatile choice for daily expenditures.

Moreover, this card allows you to make credit card payments at small vendors and merchants who accept such transactions, albeit limited to merchant-to-merchant transactions.

HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card Review

For avid UPI users, the RuPay credit card presents a compelling option. Seamlessly linking to UPI apps, it ensures secure transactions while offering attractive rewards in the form of Cash Points. Earn 3% cashback on groceries, dining, and supermarket spends, and 2% cashback on utility spends. Plus, enjoy a renewal fee waiver by spending Rs. 25,000 or more in the previous year.

With redemption options available at 1 Cashpoint = Rs. 0.25, the UPI RuPay credit card provides flexibility and value for money. If you’re someone who embraces UPI payments regularly, this card is tailored to meet your needs and enhance your financial experience.

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