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How to Track IndusInd Bank Credit Card Status Offline?

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Application Status Tracking can also be done offline by visiting your nearest branch. You can talk to any customer care executive to know the live status of your credit card.

You will need to provide your application number, date of birth or mobile number to verify your identity and track your application correctly. To check the IndusInd Bank nearest to you, you can use the branch locator feature on the website.

Always keep your credit card in one place:

Do not change the location of your credit card frequently. That way, you’ll know right away when it’s missing. If you spot a missing card, make sure you block it immediately. You can call any of the above mentioned customer care numbers to block or hotlist your card.

Change PIN frequently:

You have the option to easily change the credit card pin number on the website. If you are unsure, you can call customer care to know how to change the PIN using the website or mobile application. It is recommended that you keep changing your PIN frequently to avoid any fraudulent transactions.

Examine the statement thoroughly:

Any unauthorized transaction should be flagged immediately. An in-depth check of your monthly status will enable you to have details of all the transactions done on your card. Notify your credit card issuer immediately if you notice any additional or suspicious listings.

Never share your CVV number:

If any customer care executive asks for your CVV number, you must know that it is a fraud call. No shopping platform, mobile wallet application or bank employee will ask for your CVV number. This is classified information.

Shop only on secure websites:

A security certificate is issued to the e-commerce platform to ensure that the data provided by the customers is secure. You will be able to see it on the top left corner of your browser’s address bar or URL bar. If the platform is not secure, do not enter any credit card details on it.

Keep your phone and electronic devices virus free:

Always run a thorough virus scan on your devices to make sure your information is safe. Avoid things like clicking on suspicious emails or responding to unknown SMS alerts etc.

Do not store your credit card details on any application or website that:

Although it is mostly safe to save your credit card details, it is always a good idea to avoid it. Make sure you enter your credit card details whenever you need to make a purchase or transfer. This way, even if you have an unexpected virus attack or fall victim to a phishing call, you know your data is safe.

Never share your PIN:

 If you get any call from customer care claiming to represent the bank, then you need to become alert when they ask you for your PIN. They are not authorized to ask customers for sensitive information like their PIN. You must also avoid writing down your PIN, storing it on your phone, or sharing it via SMS or email.

  • With these security tips, you can prevent most fraudulent transactions. However, if you notice any suspicious activity on your card, make sure you inform the bank immediately.

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