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SBI Unnati Credit Card, Rewards and Benefits, Joining Fees & amp; Charges, Apply Online

SBI Unnati Credit Card: HDFC Bank and Paytm have joined forces to launch a co-branded credit card, blending HDFC’s financial expertise with Paytm’s digital payment solutions. This collaboration aims to offer users a host of benefits, including rewards programs where users earn points for every transaction, which can be redeemed for vouchers, discounts, or cashback. Moreover, the card is likely to feature cashback offers on various spending categories such as groceries, dining, or online shopping, along with welcome benefits for new cardholders. With lifestyle perks such as airport lounge access, travel benefits, and dining discounts, the card caters to diverse consumer needs, while its seamless integration with the Paytm app ensures convenient management and payment options. Enhanced security features protect against fraud, and co-branding benefits provide special offers and discounts on transactions made through Paytm or HDFC Bank’s partner merchants. Overall, the HDFC-Paytm co-branded credit card offers a comprehensive and rewarding payment solution tailored to the preferences of digitally engaged consumers.

Fees Joining Fee- Nil
Renewal Fee- Nil
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Reward Type Reward Points
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Rewards and Benefits

  • Rewards Beyond Compare: For every Rs 100 spent, earn 1 reward point, paving your way to a realm of exciting benefits and treats.
  • Redeem Your Rewards: With 1 reward point equivalent to Rs 0.25, unlock a treasure trove of gifts and perks from the extensive SBI Card rewards catalog. Whether it’s that coveted gadget, a luxurious spa retreat, or a gourmet dining experience, your rewards await.
  • Unmatched Entertainment: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of cinema with exclusive discounts and offers on movie tickets. From blockbusters to indie gems, your cinematic journey is bound to be extraordinary.
  • Culinary Extravaganza: Savor delectable cuisines at the finest restaurants and eateries, knowing that every meal earns you reward points that lead to more delightful experiences. From cozy cafes to Michelin-starred establishments, indulge in culinary excellence like never before.
  • Elevate Your Experience: Experience the thrill of redeeming your reward points for unforgettable dining experiences and movie nights. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a family movie outing, let SBI Card turn every moment into a cherished memory.
  • Unlock a World of Rewards: With SBI Card’s Movie & Dining Rewards Program, every swipe brings you closer to a world of entertainment and gastronomic bliss. Join us on this exhilarating journey and let your passions come alive with every reward point earned.

Fees & Charges

  • Seamless Rewards Redemption: Enjoy the ease of redeeming your hard-earned reward points for just Rs 99 per redemption request. With a vast array of choices available at your fingertips, every redemption is a step towards fulfilling your desires.
  • Global Accessibility, Local Comfort: Experience the convenience of international transactions with a modest foreign currency markup of 3.5%. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of a foreign city or indulging in local treasures, SBI Card ensures that your transactions are seamless and transparent.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Benefit from competitive interest rates of 3.5% per month (42% per annum), allowing you to manage your finances effectively while maximizing your savings potential.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Enjoy a 1% surcharge waiver on all fuel purchases made using the SBI Unnati credit card, making every journey a more rewarding experience.
  • Effortless Cash Advances: Access cash when you need it with ease, accompanied by a nominal cash advance charge of 2.5% on the amount withdrawn, with a minimum charge of Rs. 500.
  • Complimentary Add-On Card: Share the convenience and benefits of your SBI Card with your loved ones, as there are no fees associated with adding supplementary cards to your account.
  • Experience the Freedom of Financial Empowerment: With SBI Card’s exceptional features and unparalleled benefits, embark on a journey of financial freedom and empowerment like never before. Join us in redefining convenience and rewards, one transaction at a time.

Product Details

  • Enjoy the freedom of no annual charges for the first four years, allowing you to maximize your savings while experiencing the convenience of a premium credit card.
  • For every Rs 100 spent, earn 1 reward point, paving the way for exciting rewards and incentives with every transaction.
  • Revel in the delight of Rs 500 cashback upon reaching an annual spending milestone of Rs 50,000 within a mere 15 days. It’s our way of rewarding your loyalty and commitment.
  • Benefit from a 1% surcharge waiver on fuel transactions above Rs. 500 (for transactions below Rs. 4,000), ensuring savings with every visit to the fuel station.
  • With SBI Card’s exclusive offerings, experience the freedom to transact without the burden of annual charges, earn rewards effortlessly, and enjoy lucrative cashback rewards. Join us as we redefine the concept of convenience and rewards in the world of credit cards.

SBI Unnati Credit Card Features & Rewards

Elevate your financial experience with the SBI Unnati Credit Card, offering a plethora of rewards and advantages tailored to meet your needs.

Rewarding Every Purchase

Earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 100 spent across all categories with your SBI Unnati Credit Card, ensuring that every transaction brings you closer to exciting rewards.

Redeem with Ease

Utilize the reward points accumulated through your SBI Unnati Credit Card to redeem a variety of gifts and benefits from the extensive SBI Card reward catalogue, making your spending even more rewarding.

Milestone Perks

Unlock a special milestone benefit of Rs. 500 cashback upon reaching an annual spending threshold of Rs. 50,000 or more. Experience the joy of instant cashback credited within 15 days of achieving this milestone.

Exclusive Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Enjoy a 1% waiver on the surcharge applicable to all fuel transactions falling within the range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000, with a maximum waiver capped at Rs. 100 per statement cycle, ensuring savings every time you fuel up.

No Annual Fee for Four Years

Experience the freedom from annual fees with the SBI Unnati Credit Card for the initial four years, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without any additional cost.

Applying Made Easy

Apply for the SBI Unnati Credit Card effortlessly by visiting your nearest SBI branch or through the convenience of online application. Simply fill out the application form or click on “Apply Now” online to kickstart your journey towards financial empowerment.

SBI Unnati Credit Card – Your Gateway to Financial Freedom

With its array of rewards, benefits, and ease of application, the SBI Unnati Credit Card is the perfect choice for individuals seeking a secured credit card for essential expenditures, utility bill payments, and EMI transactions. Experience the convenience and rewards it offers and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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